In 2016, Newport Christian School welcomed students to a new educational resource in an effort to support the productive and innovative use of technology within the entire school community.

Our new computer lab coupled with its deep integration with our curriculum gives students the opportunity to develop technical skills that are both critical and valuable for the future.

Newport Christian School’s commitment to graduating every student with technological proficiency spans far further than most institutions. Our computer lab is home to many programs like CodeREV’s Summer Tech Camp that teaches students the fundamentals of game design, application development, robotics engineering, 3D modeling, and animation.


Newport Christian School does not support the use of individual technological resources in the classroom nor allows students to bring electronic devices to use during class. However, teachers and staff in select grades and programs use various in-classroom resources that may warrant the participation of students. In such a case, the use of said technological resources by students are governed by Newport Christian School’s Acceptable Use Policy.