Spirit Week 2018 Highlights

By Terrell Thorogood / 

Spirit week 2018 was one of the most exciting weeks of the school year! The NCS student body showed their school spirit by dressing up as their favorite superhero; doing their best Mickey Mouse impression; or rooting for their favorite sports team!

The most animated day of spirit week was the school favorite, Disney Day. The elementary students displayed an array of Disney characters while the secondary students dressed up as full casts of their favorite Disney films.

The most electrifying moment of Spirit Week was the “glow in the dark” pep rally! The student body packed out the black lit gymnasium on Neon Day and filled the room with cheers of Seahawk pride!

Spirit Week concluded with a night of exciting boys basketball and girls volleyball games. Seahawk fans young and old came out to support their teams! The night was sealed with a Seahawks victory as the fans waved their rally towels with enthusiasm!

We can’t wait to see what next year’s Spirit Week has in store! Go Seahawks!